Consultancy Services

Consultancy and operational support in:

  • Analytical Laboratory Services and Product Quality Assurance.
  • Information Management and data analytics.
  • Technology intelligence, Innovation Support and Technology Foresight.

These services are offered by Chris Deakin Associates, a Consultancy based company trading since July 2011. Chris Deakin has 29+ years industrial experience from the, Downstream and Upstream Oil and Gas, Construction and Public Sector Research industries.



  • Laboratory resource management, Safe operation, strategic planning and fiscal control
  • Leadership of Lab at 236 kbd Refinery in operation 24/7 with an annual budget of $3.2mm. 29 Year career in strategic and tactical roles for the provision of analytical science to global corporations.
  • Development and implementation of new technologies and work processes that enable commercial advantage.
  • Delivered on-line measurement capability for fuel blending and feedback control for process units.
  • Investigative consultancy and testing expertise to troubleshoot product quality and process unit operational issues.
  • 20 years of hand-on testing and method development. Access to global network of analytical laboratories. 
  • Business and technical consulting on all aspects of Laboratory Information Management.
  • Enhanced existing information management   tools such as search, content management and visualization with latest technology. Supported development of 3rdparty business in Crude Oil Assay data management. BuiltTaxonomies/ontologies and content classification for geochemical and refining process data.
  • Knowledge management, delivery of professional networks.
  • Managed the launch of a National Knowledge Exchange Network. Led team of knowledge service professionals, delivering knowledge exchange events and International scientific conferences
  • Technology state-of-art reviews, innovation support and trend analysis/foresighting
  • Built capability to assess emerging technologies. Managed portfolio of options for thermo catalytic conversions. Convener of innovation network. Practical application of latest tools and work practices for technology intelligence gathering and technology evaluation.